Why I started Miles for Places….

The main reason I started this website is because I think it would be of benefit to many people. Those of you who inquired about my travels and heard my stories were really the inspiration behind it. My wife and I have been pretty fortunate over the last few years to be able to travel to various places around the world. Many people have asked me how we were able to do it as grad students (my wife has since graduated and become a full time teacher) and some assume I have some wealth squirreled away (lol ya right). In a nutshell, the answer is credit card points, airline miles, hotel points, and creative ways into obtaining travel gift cards that can be used towards a vacation. This is a topic that has been talked about ad nauseam among multiple blogs and websites. Unfortunately, it’s still not explained in a way where most people truly understand. I hope to be the person that can bridge that gap. While credit card bonuses are the quickest way to accumulate points, there are many examples of why this route may not be the best for everyone. If it’s not the best route for you, there are still many other ways to accumulate miles. I’ll be glad to cover those ways as well. The overall goal of this website is to help you travel using the least amount of cash possible.  After all, my wife and I are living proof that miles and points can take you to places that you may not have been able to budget for. I’ll also add in must see places for various destinations we have visited, reviews of travel products, and occasional videos to demonstrate how to transfer points from Chase or American Express into a frequent flier program.

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