Los Angeles to Shanghai, China in Lie-Flat Business Class for $560 Round-Trip on Hong Kong Airlines

This is of the cheapest business class deals I have ever seen for a long-haul international flight. As an added bonus, these flights are being operated on the brand new Airbus A350. There are multiple dates available in late September through October. Here’s a screen-shot using Google Flights from October 18th-25th:


There is a 2h and 40m layover in Hong Kong before continuing on to Shanghai in the Airbus A330. This deal was not showing up on the Chase UR portal to get the discounted redemption booking using the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Preferred. However, at prices this low,  this a rare example of when I would redeem my points for cash and then use the cash to make the booking. 56,000 Ultimate Rewards points for a round-trip long-haul itinerary in business class is a steal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything from the Midwest or East Coast but even if you had to tack on an additional $250-300 to get to LAX, it’s still an amazing deal.


Photo: http://www.businesstraveller.com

New York City Area to Hawaii for $330 Round-Trip on United Airlines

United is offering an amazing deal from Newark Liberty International Airport to Kona, Hawaii for only $330. Kona is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and while they did have volcanic eruptions recently, it was on the opposite side of the island away from the tourist areas. Interisland flights are generally cheap, both in terms of cash and mileage redemptions so you can also use this as an opportunity to explore another island as well. If you click on Google Flights and open up the calendar, you will see availability for $330 throughout September and October. EWR2Kona

This price is also showing up on the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal so if you own the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, you can book a round-trip flight for just a shade under 22k Ultimate Rewards points, an amazing redemption. Not only that but you would also earn United miles on this trip if booking through Chase. If you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you can redeem your Ultimate Rewards points for 26,400 Ultimate Rewards Points. I did a sample search on the Chase portal as Chase Sapphire Reserve cad holder:


This deal probably won’t be available for much longer so if you are planning a trip to Hawaii, here is your chance to book a flight at a heavily discounted price.

Frontier Airlines $15 One-Way Flash Sale. Must Book Today.

Frontier has an ongoing sale where you can purchase one-way tickets (subject to availability for $15. Itineraries such as Chicago to Las Vegas, Chicago to Phoenix, Denver to Minneapolis, Philadelphia to Orlando, and many many more are available. You must book by today. There are select dates that you can choose from for this fare so if you have flexibility this is a great deal. For more info, click https://www.flyfrontier.com/ways-to-save/online-deals/

NYC to Oslo, Norway for $287 Round Trip on Norwegian Air

Use Google flights and you should see dates available for April and May.  I found availability from April 27th-May 6th. Keep in mind, Norwegian Air is a low-cost carrier and they will charge for a checked-in bag.  Another idea is to use Oslo as your hub and travel to multiple Scandinavian countries in a single swoop.


U.S. West Coast to Hawaii for $197 Round Trip

There have likely been more Hawaii deals over the past few months than I can ever recall and it looks like there is a price war brewing between Alaska and United from many West Coast cities. Upon doing a quick search, I saw many dates available in April and May. Here is an example itinerary from San Francisco to Maui using Google Flights:


Here is another example from San Jose, California to Maui:


This deal won’t last long so if you’re on the West Coast looking for a cheap deal to Hawaii, this is a great opportunity.

NYC to Hawaii $373 Round Trip on Alaska Airlines

This deal is available from Newark to Kauai (LIH) on one of the highest rated domestic carriers, Alaska Airlines. Multiple dates are available in April and May. Here’s an example from April 18th-26th:


This is one of the cheapest deals I’ve ever seen from the East Coast to Hawaii and the fact that it’s on arguably one of the top two domestic carriers in the U.S. makes it an added bonus. I didn’t see this deal on the Chase portal using UR points so it might not last very long.

Newark to Maui for $399 Round Trip on American Airlines

It’s a good week to be a traveler based near Newark, NJ. American Airlines has plenty of dates from Newark to Maui for $399 from early April into late May. These flights have a connection in Dallas before continuing on to Maui. I did a quick sample search from May 4th-May 10th but you can just go to Google flights and play around with your desired dates.AAEWR2OGG2

I also did a quick check on Chase Ultimate Rewards and these flights can also be booked via the UR portal for a bargain redemption of just over 26k Ultimate Rewards points round trip if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve or 32k points if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Flights to Hawaii from the NYC area are rarely this cheap so if you were planning a trip to Hawaii over the next month or so, this is a great deal whether you use cash or points. I made a post about my trip to Maui and you can read about that by clicking the following link:  Travel Itinerary: 3 Days in Maui

Newark, New Jersey to Sacramento, California for $76 Round Trip on United

Airfare from the New York City area to California rarely comes this cheap. While Sacramento itself is not generally considered a destination on most people’s list it can be a gateway to other places in Northern California. If you want to use it as a gateway to get to the Bay Area or Yosemite National Park, this deal is about as cheap as they come. And if Sacramento happens to be your final destination, even better for you. Click here to find your exact dates and availability. This deal is available for April and May.

Update: Air New Zealand Not Honoring Error Fare

Yesterday there was an error fare from multiple cities in the U.S to Auckland, New Zealand for an ultra discounted price that varied from $239-$340. Unfortunately, it seems like the third party ticketing agency is sending out e-mails today that Air New Zealand will not honor the tickets. Thanks to one our readers for sending this screenshot earlier today:


Airlines are not required by law to honor error fares but will do so to build up goodwill with the customers or attract new customers that may have never flown with them. Some airlines like Emirates and Etihad have a proven track record of honoring error airfares. I do appreciate Air New Zealand taking less than 24 hours to inform people about their decision as there have been cases where airlines have taken a week or longer to cancel tickets. In any case, it’s always a good idea to jump on these deals if you have the time because you just never know if they’ll honor them. If you have booked and received the same e-mail, please let me know by leaving a comment on Facebook.






Image via home.bt.com

Error Fare Alert: USA to New Zealand For As Low As $239 Round Trip!

This deal is active from a bunch of U.S. airports including smaller airports. If you do book a ticket, please hold off on making any hotel reservations until you know this airfare will be honored. This clearly looks like an error and some airlines will honor it, others won’t. Airfare to New Zealand easily goes above $1,200 round trip during the summer. Here is the link for more details: https://airfarespot.com/2018/01/23/crazy-low-usa-to-auckland-new-zealand-from-239-r-t/

Here is an example from Chicago to Auckland.





Image via http://www.nationsonline.org