Los Angeles to Shanghai, China in Lie-Flat Business Class for $560 Round-Trip on Hong Kong Airlines

This is of the cheapest business class deals I have ever seen for a long-haul international flight. As an added bonus, these flights are being operated on the brand new Airbus A350. There are multiple dates available in late September through October. Here’s a screen-shot using Google Flights from October 18th-25th:


There is a 2h and 40m layover in Hong Kong before continuing on to Shanghai in the Airbus A330. This deal was not showing up on the Chase UR portal to get the discounted redemption booking using the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Preferred. However, at prices this low,  this a rare example of when I would redeem my points for cash and then use the cash to make the booking. 56,000 Ultimate Rewards points for a round-trip long-haul itinerary in business class is a steal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything from the Midwest or East Coast but even if you had to tack on an additional $250-300 to get to LAX, it’s still an amazing deal.


Photo: http://www.businesstraveller.com

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