Update: Air New Zealand Not Honoring Error Fare

Yesterday there was an error fare from multiple cities in the U.S to Auckland, New Zealand for an ultra discounted price that varied from $239-$340. Unfortunately, it seems like the third party ticketing agency is sending out e-mails today that Air New Zealand will not honor the tickets. Thanks to one our readers for sending this screenshot earlier today:


Airlines are not required by law to honor error fares but will do so to build up goodwill with the customers or attract new customers that may have never flown with them. Some airlines like Emirates and Etihad have a proven track record of honoring error airfares. I do appreciate Air New Zealand taking less than 24 hours to inform people about their decision as there have been cases where airlines have taken a week or longer to cancel tickets. In any case, it’s always a good idea to jump on these deals if you have the time because you just never know if they’ll honor them. If you have booked and received the same e-mail, please let me know by leaving a comment on Facebook.






Image via home.bt.com

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