Review: Centurion Lounge at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport


Entrance to Centurion Lounge at DFW

As far as U.S. airport lounges go, I have yet to visit one that offers the amenities, space, comfort, and service as the Centurion Lounge at DFW.  This is one of the seven Centurion Lounge locations in the U.S. (soon to be eight when Philadelphia opens theirs in the coming weeks).  You can gain complimentary access for yourself and two guests to any Centurion Lounge with the American Express Platinum Card. I was able to bring my brother along with me for no extra charge. Without the card, access costs $50 per person for each visit.


The Centurion Lounge at DFW is located in terminal D on the second floor post-security. If you have never flown from DFW, all the terminals are interconnected via skylink light rail. Once you clear security, you can take the train to any terminal without worrying about clearing security a second time. This gave me a peace of mind knowing I didn’t have to worry about security lines once I was at the lounge, and a quick 6 minute skylink ride would get me from terminal D to terminal A.


The member services desk at the Centurion Lounge DFW

Once I entered the lounge,  the friendly staff at the member services desk went through the usual protocol of askingfor my AMEX Platinum Card, boarding pass, and ID.  This particular Centurion Lounge had a spa and they asked me if I was interested in getting a massage. It sounded tempting but it was 7 am so I politely declined. Breakfast was being served and I purposely skipped out on the hotel breakfast to see the offerings here. And it certainly did not disappoint.


Entrance to the lounge



FOOD! French Toast, baked beans, and something that looked like jello(?)




Breads and muffins



Breakfast Pizza. What a fantastic concept. It was delicious and I helped myself to seconds.



Texas style egg frittata with goat cheese. Another item unique to Centurion DFW.


Since I was there early and the lounge was relatively empty, I was able to take many pictures without having to be so covert.



Dining area if you choose to sit near the food. Of course, you are free to take your plate and eat anywhere you are situated.



Another part of the dining area. I loved the ambiance of this place.



A relatively quiet bar area at around 7 am.




Plenty of empty tables and seats. This corridor leads you from the main entrance to the dining area. This lounge has really good wifi speed and I was able to browse the internet and get work done comfortably.




Business area was completely empty. Complimentary use of desktops and printers available.



A lounge area that was mostly being utilized. Behind the wall is another area that had 4 leather recliners/beds. Predictably, all 4 of them were being used by people who were in deep sleep. I didn’t want to look like a creep and run into any misunderstandings so I didn’t take pics of that area but just an FYI that it is there.


Perhaps the next time I visit this lounge, I’ll take advantage of the massage service they offer. This was a fantastic lounge with excellent amenities,  really nice ambiance, modern design, great food, and very friendly service. And a huge plus since it is located after security. If you are an AMEX Platinum card holder and you have a layover or some time to kill at DFW, this a lounge I’d highly recommend visiting.  If you didn’t get a chance to read my review of the Centurion Lounge at LaGuardia Airport in NYC,  you can read it here.  It might be a while until I review a Centurion Lounge which I have not visited yet. If I had to guess the Centurion Lounge I’m visiting next, Philadelphia seems like a logical option since Philadelphia International Airport is a place I transit through occasionally.



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