Multiple U.S. Cities to Europe for Less Than $275 Round Trip



WOW Airlines, a low cost carrier based in Iceland is offering some incredible deals to multiple cities in Europe with a layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. WOW Airlines also offers a free stop over in Iceland so if you had future plans on eventually visiting Iceland, this would be a perfect time to take advantage of that.  WOW is not a full service airline so you will have to pay for everything from a carry-on bag to a beverage. They don’t charge for a personal item such as a book bag or a bag that fits under the seat. They do a charge an exorbitant $54.99 just to carry on a bag each way.  Since their base fares are so low, you would still be a getting a great deal even with the added cost.  If your goal is to fit a week’s worth of clothes into a back pack and get across the pond without forking over much cash, these deals are made just for that.  Here are a few examples using a quick search from Google Flights:


 Los Angeles to Paris for $240 RT



                        Boston to Paris for $219 RT



         Baltimore/Washington (BWI) to London (Gatwick) for $259 RT




Availability can be seen for flights between September and December and in some cases, well into January. Over the past week, WOW announced new service to St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit. Over the past year, it has expanded in the U.S. at a rapid pace while finding a niche in the low cost transatlantic market. Along with Norwegian, WOW has certainly made transatlantic flights affordable and forced full service carriers to lower their airfares to Europe.




Featured image courtesy of Business Insider

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